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Aloha Hemp

Aloha Hemp Pet Bundle

Aloha Hemp Pet Bundle

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Looking for a way to keep your furry friend happy and healthy? Look no further than the Aloha Hemp Pet Bundle! Our bundle includes a 250mg pet cbd oil and a 200mg shampoo bar, both of which are formulated to keep your pet feeling their best.

The pet cbd oil is a great way to help reduce anxiety and promote overall wellness, while the shampoo bar is perfect for keeping your pet's coat clean and healthy.

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Hawaiian Luau

Aloha Hemp CBD THC-Free Hawaiian Luau Pet CBD Oil is Cannabinoid-Rich.  Our bottle is combined with MCT Oil and a vegan bacon flavor, which makes it super tasty.  All of our Aloha Hemp CBD’s have proper lab reviews and extensive 3rdparty testing.  Please see the Lab Testing Tab for our Certificate of Analysis

Hemp Relief Pet Shampoo Bar
Our Shampoo Bar contains only the best ingredients.

- Coconut Oil
- Aloe
- Olive Oil
- Castor Oil
- Shea Butter
- Neem Oil
- Vitamin E
- Hemp Derived CBD
- Sodium Hydroxide
-Distilled Water

Shipping & Returns

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Aloha Hemp stands behind our products 100%.  We also understand that our products will not work perfectly for everyone.

Therapeutic Benefits

- Stress Reduction
- Inflammatory Conditions
- Sleep Improvement
- Muscular Relaxation
- Joint Mobility/Bone
- GrowthFull-Body
- Homeostasis
- Skin Improvement
- Grounding

Suggested Use

Hawaiian Luau

The serving size is based on 2.5mg of CBD per serving.

Serving size is based on 1-2 drops for every 10-pounds of an animal. Drops can be administered morning and night.  However, if the animal has a lot of health challenges, he/she may need more. Increase as needed.  Per FDA guidelines, the drops can be applied topically.

*Our oil colors may vary.

Hemp Relief Pet Shampoo Bar

Work the soap into a lather and apply to the fur. Gently massage it into your pet's skin with a circular motions. Be sure to rinse off the soap with water and enjoy the beautiful and soothing effects.

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Each Product will give you the relief you desire.

We infuse our 'Hawaiian Vibes' into each an every Aloha Hemp Bundle to provide that extra love and healing even with stress life sometimes throws at us!