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Welcome to Aloha Hemp education, where we believe that healing with plant medicine is possible. Are you ready to make the choice to become educated and start your journey towards optimal health and wellness? Our team is here to help guide you on your path to a happier, healthier life. So let's get started!

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What is CBD?

Welcome to the world of CBD, where the power of plant medicine meets the potential for optimal health and wellness. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid compound found in hemp, one of over 120 unique compounds that work naturally with the human body to produce therapeutic effects. 

At Aloha Hemp, we offer a premium line of CBD products that are perfect for the whole family, including our beloved pets. Located on the lush and beautiful Big Island of Hawaii, our microclimate allows for the cultivation of hemp plants that are rich in medicinal benefits. Our CBD oils are crafted from plant strains specifically chosen for their therapeutic properties, and are available in both full spectrum and THC-free options. All of our products are hemp-derived, non-psychoactive, third party lab tested, CO2 extracted, organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO. 

But what can CBD do for you? The potential benefits are numerous and include reducing pain, reducing inflammation, reducing stress, improving sleep, reducing joint pain and muscle spasms, balancing blood pressure, and stabilizing blood sugar levels. When the body is in homeostasis, or balance, it has the ability to heal itself. And that's where Aloha Hemp comes in - we aim to provide you with 100% natural solutions that work safely, quickly, and effectively to help bring your body back into balance. So why wait? Start your journey towards optimal health and wellness with Aloha Hemp today!.

How does CBD Work?

Unlock the Power of the Endocannabinoid System: The Key to Optimal Health and Wellness

Did you know that humans and animals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that plays a vital role in maintaining balance and harmony within the body? The ECS helps regulate the immune, endocrine, and nervous systems, and it has receptors that monitor conditions outside of cells and transmit that information to the inside of the cell, signaling when something is out of balance. 

Introducing plant cannabinoids, such as those found in hemp, can stimulate the ECS receptors in a similar way to our own cannabinoids, resulting in a range of therapeutic benefits including reduced pain, reduced inflammation, reduced stress, improved sleep, improved memory processing, improved motor regulation, improved mood, reduced joint discomfort, improved digestion, improved tissue and bone repair, and more. 

At Aloha Hemp, we offer CBD oil derived from hemp plants, not marijuana, and we have both THC-free and full spectrum options available. All of our products are non-psychoactive and extracted with care to nourish and support the ECS. When the body is in balance, it has an innate ability to heal itself, and we want to help you get there. So why wait? Start your journey towards optimal health and wellness with Aloha Hemp today!

Discover the Aloha Hemp Difference: Premium Plant-Based Solutions for Optimal Health and Wellness

At Aloha Hemp, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your best possible skin, and we go above and beyond to meet the needs of our customers. That's why we have developed premium topicals and oils using leading edge technology, so you can stop searching and start seeing results. 

 Why pay more for less? Aloha Hemp offers high-quality, third party tested ingredients that deliver quick results without sacrificing any of the pain relief or healing power of cannabis. With us, you get the best of both worlds: effective, plant-based solutions at an affordable price. So why wait? Start your journey towards radiant, healthy skin with Aloha Hemp today!

What is CBD used for?

#AnxietyRelief - Reducing anxiety and stress. 
#ChronicPain - Managing chronic pain. 
#Insomnia - Improving sleep. 
#SeizureDisorders - Reducing seizures. #InflammatoryBowelDisease - Reducing inflammation. 
#CancerSymptoms - Alleviating cancer symptoms. 
#HeartHealth - Improving heart health. 
#SkinConditions - Improving skin conditions. 
#AddictionRecovery - Assisting with addiction recovery. 
#MultipleSclerosis - Improving mobility. 
#Neuroprotection - Protecting the nervous system. 
#DepressionManagement - Improving depression symptoms. 
#ADHD - Treating ADHD. 
#MentalHealth - Treating mental health conditions. 
#PTSD - Reducing PTSD symptoms.

Can CBD be used on Pets?

We are pet lovers and only want the best for our little furry friends. That's why we are excited to share how you can add one more level of support to your arsenal for your furry friends. 

 One of the ways you can support your pets is by using #CBD for pets. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound found in hemp plants that has a variety of potential health benefits. It can be used to help manage chronic pain, reduce anxiety and stress, and improve sleep in pets. It is also thought to have anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects, which may be beneficial for pets with certain health conditions. By incorporating CBD into your pet's healthcare routine, you may be able to provide your furry friend with additional support and relief.

If you are interested in trying CBD for your pet, it is important to speak with your veterinarian first. They can help you determine the appropriate dosage and ensure that it is safe for your pet to use. Additionally, be sure to purchase CBD products from a reputable source, as the quality and purity of the product can vary. Once you have your veterinarian's approval and have sourced a high-quality CBD product, you can start incorporating it into your pet's routine. You may begin to see improvements in your pet's health and well-being in as little as a few days to a few weeks. So why wait? Start giving your furry friend the support they deserve today.

Does pet size
impact the dose?

A custom usage guide is provided with every purchase of our products at Aloha Hemp. We understand that every pet is unique and therefore requires a personalized approach to dosing. That's why we use the industry standard to dose each and every pet based on their weight. 
Our team of experts has carefully formulated our products to be safe and effective for pets of all sizes. Whether you have a small kitten or a large dog, we have a product that is suitable for your furry friend. Our usage guides will provide you with all the information you need to properly administer the product to your pet. 

 At Aloha Hemp, we take the health and well-being of your pet seriously. That's why we are committed to providing high-quality products and thorough usage instructions. We believe that by providing a custom usage guide with every purchase, we can help ensure that your pet receives the support and relief they need.

Will CBD Help ME?

Here is the Truth you need to hear...

Achieving optimal health requires identifying and addressing the various factors that can contribute to imbalances in our bodies. These factors may include: 

  • Emotional trauma: Addressing past or present emotional wounds that may be affecting our health. 
  • Negative thoughts: Challenging negative thoughts and cultivating a positive mindset. 
  • Unhealthy habits: Adopting healthy habits and making lifestyle changes as needed. 
  • Genetic predisposition: Being aware of any genetic risks and taking steps to manage them. 
  • Physical injuries: Seeking appropriate medical care for physical injuries. 
  • Poor nutrition: Focusing on whole, unprocessed foods and consulting with a healthcare professional or nutritionist as needed. 
  • Lack of exercise and movement: Incorporating a variety of physical activities into our routine. Stress: Reducing stress through relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, or yoga. 
  • Sleep: Improving sleep by establishing a consistent sleep schedule, creating a relaxing sleep environment, and avoiding screens before bedtime. 
  • Environmental toxins: Reducing exposure to toxins by choosing natural and organic products, avoiding plastics, and filtering drinking water. 
  • Hormonal imbalances: Addressing hormonal imbalances through dietary and lifestyle changes, and possibly taking supplements as needed. 
  • Chronic illness: Managing chronic illness through a healthcare team, recommended treatment plans, and lifestyle changes. 

By addressing these factors and finding balance in our lives, we can support optimal health and well-being. Adding CBD to our routine may also be helpful in achieving optimal health, as it can be a powerful tool when used correctly. Remember that our bodies are capable of incredible things when given the chance to heal naturally.

What is the Right Dose?

You are unique, and it's important to find what works best for you when it comes to CBD. 

Here are some tips to help you on your journey: 

  • If you're using CBD as a preventative measure and feeling great, go ahead and take the suggested dosage on the bottle. CBD is a powerful nutrient, and even if you don't feel any immediate effects, your body is still benefiting from it. 
  • Remember that CBD is most effective when paired with a healthy lifestyle. 
  • If you're dealing with a specific health condition, it's important to address any unhealthy habits or behaviors that may have contributed to it. If you're dealing with a condition, consider consulting with a medical professional who has experience using CBD and/or cannabis in their practice. 

Remember: if you don't make any changes, nothing will change. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help you find what works best for you."

What to Consider when Choosing a High Quality CBD?


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