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What does CBD do for Energy?

Energy and CBD can be a Controversial Topic

Energy can only be found within CBD once a person actually gets past the healing process with the CBD.  

CBD for Energy and CB Receptors

It is likely someone will feel tired when taking CBD as it is an indicator that they need additional sleep. But other people might feel something completely different. It depends on where that person is within their healing journey. Some people have missing connections within their CB receptors and the nervous system.  Others might have everything they need  to conjure the energy within their body. Additionally, energy is something that binds to our body’s natural ability to generate energy the food that we consume in the water that we drink.

CBD for Energy and Homeostasis

Most importantly, CBD allows the body to focus on getting back into a state of homeostasis.  If the body has needs that have been taxed over the years, it will cause different reactions to occur.  For example, if you have been only getting 3-4 hours of sleep per day, it will enable you to sleep better.  In addition, if the body has been deprived enough and loosing a lot of weight it will likely add more weight.  

An Aloha Hemp Experience

The Aloha Hemp Farm has a mechanic that has severe scoliosis, his weight has been under 100 pounds for the last few years, he just could not get it up no matter what he tried.  He then turned to our help with CBD.  He now crossed the 100 pound marker and is well on his way to his optimal weight of 120 pounds.  Everyone has a difference story and a different result that is needed to reach optimal health and wellness.  It is so important that people listen to their body and determine the best dose for their needs.  

So what is next?

The next step in this journey is being open to trying new things.  It is letting down the guard and moving into a new step of the human life.  Aloha Hemp provides high level of standards into all of their products.  Feel free to contact us with any questions that can help you make the best decision for your wellness journey.


Clint and Shelly

For more information on CBD education, check out project.org. 

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