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Our Top 7 CBD Uses

Top CBD Uses for a Thriving Life!

CBD has become popular, these last couple years, as a natural supplement used for many common health challenges/ailments. People are starting to use the top CBD uses everywhere!

Finding relief with CBD has become an appealing option for people who desire to improve their health challenges, without the dangerous effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

Firstly, how is CBD oil Extracted?

Hemp oil or CBD oil is extracted and harvested from the cannabis plant using CO2 extraction, water extract and other methods. Next, it is diluted with a carrier oil like coconut or hemp seed oil. Finally, it’s important to know the differences in CBD extraction methods to ensure the CBD is pure and high quality before consuming. Click here to learning more about CBD extraction.

So why is CBD gaining so much momentum, so fast?

First, the reason CBD is gaining so much momentum, is due to the amazing health advantages people are experiencing so fast in their life. Another reason is the scientific studies confirming it may ease health challenges, like chronic pain and insomnia. Check out projectCBD.org for more research and studies.

At Aloha Hemp, we have seen so many of our customers use CBD for so many uses, but these top 7 are our favorite! Check out our video below to see us in action using our top CBD uses. In conclusion, check out our educational resources to further become more educated and inspired to start using CBD in your life!

Our Top 7 CBD Uses:

  1. Pet’s love CBD
  2. Get rid of those nasty headaches with CBD
  3. Have beautiful, thick hair with CBD 
  4. Clear up your skin with CBD
  5. Athletes rave about CBD for pain and recovery
  6. Get deep sleep and feel recharged with CBD
  7. Get rid of pain and find relief with CBD
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