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Genetics… Genetics… Why are Genetics so important???

What Roles do Genetics Play with Growing Hemp Plants?

In farming Cannabis or any other specialty crop, the most important piece of the puzzle is… genetics!  Even though the cannabis plant is known as a “weed”, it also has tons of different genetics. 

How Many Branches of the Cannabis Plant Are There?

The plant can be one of the three main branches off of the cannabis family and those are Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis.  All three types are blended together into different ratios to create a genetic. 

So, Why are the Genetics so Important?

Are you asking yourself why do “we” care about genetics at Aloha Hemp Farm??? Well it is simple, we plant plants that do not need a lot of touch love and care from us. In addition, the genetics we have chosen to enable us the ability to use less organic fertilizers, organic pesticides and other amendments. Most importantly, this means less environmental impact and better results aka yield.  We hybridize some of the plants to enable them to live in a tropical environment or to be able to handle the change in light cycles during the day.  Genetics are the most important aspect of sustainable farming.

Does Aloha Hemp Focus on Genetics?

Aloha Hemp does not focus on making the wrong plant work in the environment. Instead, they focus on enabling the correct plant work in the environment.  In addition, in Hawaii, we deal with humidity which creates a huge challenge with mold and powdery-mildew.  In order to combat that issue, we focus on looking at genetics that are lengthy and able to breathe.  In conclusion, this is just one step of many that help us work smarter than harder here at the Aloha Hemp Farm.

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